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As many as 50-80% of women will suffer from lower back pain at some stage during the pregnancy and most are unaware of the benefits osteopathic treatment can provide.
Regular osteopathic treatment can play an integral role in your prenatal and postpartum stages.

The prenatal period is a time of great change for a woman, physically, emotionally, and hormonally. As the fetus grows, the overall musculoskeletal system is challenged by altered posture, shortened muscles, potential muscle imbalances, and changes in spinal mobility. These changes may cause pain and dysfunction. In the postnatal phase, fluctuating hormone levels combined with additional physical changes, as a result of delivery, may also lead to musculoskeletal problems, such as excessive joint mobility, weakness of the core stabilisers, and altered spinal mobility and function. 

Due to the postural changes associated with pregnancy, some muscles become tight to support the changing posture, while others are stretched and become weak. This results in muscle imbalance and a potential for decreased stabilisation. Mobility of the spine can be affected in both the prenatal and the postpartum periods as the spine adjusts to the changing posture as the fetus grows. 


Symptoms may include pain in the joints of the pelvis or spine, muscular pain in the hips and legs, or numbness into the extremities. Some women may experience shooting pain in the buttocks or legs (sciatica). Weakness may be present in the abdominals, resulting in pain with transitional movements or lifting. Weakness may also be manifested as urinary incontinence in the postpartum period.  Muscle imbalance may also cause pain or contribute to urinary issues in the postpartum phase. 

At the clinic we see many women with neck and shoulder pain during the postpartum period due to breastfeeding and holding the baby for long periods. We also treat many women for pelvic instability and lower back pain as during this period you are constantly lifting and carrying your baby.

Your osteopath is very experienced in treating expectant mothers and mothers of new borns, by providing a safe, non invasive treatment and can help to relieve a wide range of pregnancy related conditions such as back, neck and shoulder pain, breathing difficulties, pelvic discomfort, varicose veins and pubic symphysis dysfunction.


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